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Reelectionist Senator Sonny Angara is pushing for a relaunch of the “Made in the Philippines” in the global market.

Angara, who is running under the platform “Alagang Angara,” said the manufacturing industry should first undergo a total makeover.

The senator, who has been pushing for a new “Made in the Philippines” campaign, said the country needs to level up its standards, innovate and infuse global knowledge into local industries.

“Not many around the world know—and neither do our people—that we are in fact manufacturing world-class products here in the country or are already taking part in global value chains,” he said.

“We can help expand the footprint of our manufacturing industry by making it known across the world that we are in fact already doing such ‘globally connected’ things — that we are already operating on a world-class level,” he added.

He said the country could also promote the Philippines as a global gastronomic hub, with local food being recognized worldwide.

The re-electionist senator also suggested to showcase Filipino talent and skills to strengthen the “Made in the Philippines” pitch worldwide

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