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Ipasa na lang? House leadership could do this to avoid removing GMA, et al directly


The House Leadership may just end up passing the dirty work to its coalition partners as far as the removal of negative-voting House officials on the death penalty bill is concerned.

Oriental Mindoro 2nd district Rep. Reynaldo Umali confirmed to House reporters Monday (March 13) that they would rather compel the parties to axe and replace its concerned members.

“Iyon ay part of the sentiments that will be elevated to the Speaker,” Umali said following a 90-minute caucus of those who voted “yes” to House Bill (HB) 4727.

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez earlier vowed that negative-voting House leaders would get replaced as a sort of consequence for defying the administration’s thrust on death penalty restoration.

Deputy Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and nine Committee chairmen voted “no” to HB 4727 last week during its third reading passage.

Passing the task of axing these lawmakers to their own parties is seen as advantageous to the House leadership since it 1.) gives them distance and 2.) it’s the parties that are supposed to designate replacements to their posts, anyway.

However, Politiko sources said that this doesn’t sit well with some political factions since they don’t relish “punishing their own,” especially if they just stood up for their personal beliefs.

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