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Is Duterte sick in the head? Panelo claims people just can’t see the President is a philosopher


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President Rodrigo Duterte’s state of mental health has been the subject of much scrutiny with his series of cringe-worthy and crazy quotes in his public speeches.

But Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo thinks his critics are just blind to Duterte’s awesome knowledge on almost everything that matters. “This President is a thinking President. This President is profound.

He is deep. He is a very wide reader – he reads a lot of books. He is a philosopher if you haven’t noticed,” said Panelo matter of factly in a TV interview.

Aside from having a big brain, Panelo said Duterte also has a big heart.

“Look at him, he is a very compassionate person. He is outraged by any irregularity or illegality, and he does something about that. He responds to cries of anguish or help; he sympathizes. He does everything that is, as far as he is concerned, the teachings of what we know to be the Christ teachings,” said Panelo.

Panelo clarified that Duterte attacks on the Catholics’ beliefs such as Creation and Original Sin and their “stupid god” was just a manifestation of “his own political and religious dogmas” and not payback for Church leaders criticism of his drug war.

“He believes in one super God. And he believes that that God is the almighty, compassionate, all kind and all loving; and that’s why he tries to emulate him or her or it…because don’t know whether it’s female or male,” said Panelo.

“He speaks his mind on certain practices that he doesn’t like or certain beliefs that he doesn’t believe in. Ganoon iyon eh. Kasama iyon sa freedom of expression,” said Panelo.

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