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Is he kidding? Duterte says he’s killed 3 women for being unfaithful

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Is this one of his dark secrets?

President Rodrigo Duterte casually declared that he snuffed out three
ladies for being fickle in love.

Duterte blurted out this statement in the middle of a speech in where he relentlesly flirted with Mayor Tita V. Baja-Gallantes of Garcia Hernandez town in Bohol who watched him on stage.

“They said I’m a killer, but that’s not true. But I’ve killed maybe three women for being unfaithful,” said Duterte.

” So if we agree with each other tonight… It’s always unexpected. When you are on a helicopter and it’s already very dark, you just don’t know… You don’t know if you’re in the mountains or… But we would still fly,” he added.

Duterte is known as a jokester who once pulled a fast on his critics for believing that he actually “fingered” a maid.

“I invented the story about an incident inside the maid’s room. ‘Tell me more, tell me more’. The fool liked to listen to it all because he was squeezing my balls. These priests are sons of b******. And they won’t even admit it,” he said in his speech.

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