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Is Ka Eduardo’s wife the root of Iglesia Ni Cristo family feud?


They say that a woman is always behind every man’s success.

In the case of the Manalo religious dynasty, the wife of Igelsia Ni Cristo Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo is the indivudal being blamed for the festering war between son and mother and brother and siblings which recently blew up in public with allegations of abductions, torture, corruption, and financial mismanagement spilling over from Youtube to TV Patrol.

In an open letter to Ka Eduardo and his family posted as early as 12 June 2013, the unnamed letter writer wished to have an explanation on rumors that the heirs of the late Erano Manalo were close to their breaking point, specifically on reports that Eduardo’s wife, Babylynn, had pushed to ease out her mother-in-law and siblings-in-law out of the INC’s power circle.

More than two years after the open letter was posted, news that Ka Eduardo expelled his mother, Cristina “Tenny” Villanueva, his two brothers Felix Nathaniel or “Angel” and Marco Erano, and sister Lolita or “Lottie” were confirmed in mainstream media On 23 July 2015.

“WE DON’T SEE YOUR MOTHER AND SIBLINGS WHICH IS WHY WE ARE SO PUZZLED AT YOUR ACTIONS AND FIND IT OBVIOUS THAT YOU ARE AVOIDING THEM.We are hoping that if this isn’t true that we will see your family united helping one another serve God. Ever since Ka Erdy passed away we haven’t seen you all together like when he was alive. It truly hurts us to read about the division between you and your wife are having against your mother and siblings,” according to the open letter.

The letter asked Ka Eduardo: “Is it true that you forbade your mother and siblings to visit the grave site of Bro. Erdy? Is it true that you didn’t attend the funeral of your Brother-in-law, the husband of Ka Lottie Hemedez? That you didn’t send flowers and that you only found out he died when he was already buried? Is it true that you are ignoring the reports of corruption going on in the Church?”

The letter writer posed this question to Ka Babylynn: “Is it true that you keep meddling in administering the Church? Is it true that you are the reason why there is division among Ka Eduardo and his mother and siblings? Is it true that you are now in charge of the Security Officials of the Church? Is it true that you are resentful towards Ka Tenny and her children?”

Ka Erdy took over in 2009, the third generation of Manalos to run the influential INC since it was formed in 1914. We didn’t know three-generation phenomenon would apply as well to a religious dynasty – the first generation builds; the second generation expands it; and the third generation squanders it.

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