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Senator Imee Marcos on Friday reiterated her call to resume classes in places where there is zero or minimal transmission of Covid-19.

“I have been very vocal in urging, from the very beginning, that schools, compliant with high level health protocols, should remain open at all costs,” she said.

“We are now the penultimate country in the world to keep our schools shuttered – despite consistent evidence that face-to-face classes are not super spreaders! Educators can work safely in schools & schools can be the safest place to be for children in a pandemic,” Marcos said.

“The reality is that schools merely reflect the infection levels of their communities, hence cannot risk opening in covid ‘hotspots’ with cluster outbreaks,” she said.

“However, where transmission has stabilized, we now know that infection-control measures such as face masks, handwashing, ventilation, self- distancing, prioriy testing & tracing firmly in place can minimize further transmission in schools,” Marcos said.

She said she was baffled and furious when she learned that cockpits had already been allowed to resume operations.

“I will confess my bafflement and fury several days ago when the cockpits were officially opened and allowed to operate,” Marcos said.

“Has gambling now become an ‘essential activity’ to Filipinos and education a frivolous luxury?” she said.

“Let us open the schools wherever we can and keep them accessible for as long as possible. The best policy is not shutting down schools – it is keeping teachers, students and families safe outside the classroom,” Marcos said.

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