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Government prosecutors want Muntinlupa City regional trial court (RTC) branch 204 Judge Juanita Guerrero, the person who issued the arrest warrant against Senator Leila De Lima, to handle all three drug charges against the lady politiko.

Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors filed on Friday (March 3) before Guerrero’s sala a motion asking that all three drug charges be conslodiated and that she be the one to handle the consolidated case.

“Record shows that the cases arose from similar sets of facts; there are common parties and issues, and interrelated evidence will be presented in Court, as the cases are found on the same facts and/or forming part of a eries of offenses similar in character,” stated prosecutors in their motion.

They explained that “justice and expediency demand that it is more practical and will serve the ends of justice to consolidate all three cases in the said branch to avoid unnecessary costs and to prevent the issuance of conflicting resolutions, orders and decisions.”

The two other drug charges are being handled by branches 205 and 206 of the Muntinlupa City regional trial court.