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Senator Richard Gordon is grateful for U2 frontman Bono for supporting the new national blood delivery system in the country.

Bono is in the country mainly to hold a U2 concert on December 11.

“Thank U2 frontman and Zipline Board member, Bono for taking the time to be here. I was touched by his humanitarian spirit & compassion. I especially thank US Amb. Kim & CEO of Zipline, Mr. Keller for making this partnership possible. #PHRedCrossXZiplineXBono #BonoXGordon,” he said.

“One love, one life, one need… despite being from different fields and different COUNTRIES, we simply have different ways of solving the SAME humanitarian issues. An honor to work with rockstar and philanthropist Bono through Zipline. #PHRedCrossXZiplineXBono #BonoXGordon,” he added.

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