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It’s final: SC rules Panitikan, Filipino not required in college

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The Supreme Court (SC) has affirmed its decision that upheld the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 20 which excluded Filipino, Panitikan and the Constitution as part of core subjects of College courses.

The SC junked the motion for reconsideration of Tanggol Wika which argued that CMO No. 20 violates the constitutional provision that the three subjects should be included in the curriculum of all levels.

“While the Constitution mandates the inclusion of the study of the Constitution, Filipino and Panitikan in the curriculum of educational institutions, the mandate was general and did not specify the educational level in which it must be taught,” explained the SC.

Because of this, the high court said “CMO 20 did not violate the Constitution when it merely transferred these subjects as part of the curriculum of primary and secondary education.”

It added that “CMO 20 only provides for the minimum standards for the general education component of all degree programs.”

“It does not limit the academic freedom of universities and colleges to require additional courses in Filipino, Panitikan and the Constitution in their respective curricula,” the high court indicated.

On Oct. 9, 2018, the SC issued a decision which junked the petitions seeking to declare as unlawful and unconstitutional the K to 12 Law and its subsequent government issuances including CMO 20.

“The Court holds that, contrary to petitioners’ contention, the K to 12 Law was validly enacted,” read the SC decision.

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