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It’s fun no more? Finance mag names PH as most dangerous country to visit

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The Department of Tourism may think that it’s more fun to visit the Philippines, but foreign tourists believe the country is the most dangerous place on earth to be in.

The Philippines has been named as the least safest country for travel based on the results of a survey conducted by the Global Financial Magazine (GFMag).

GFMag’s poll showed the Philippines’ safety score at 17.70, the lowest among the 128 countries included in the survey.

Iceland, named the safest place to travel to, had a safety score index of 6.16.

In an article posted on January 23, GFMag explained that it based its ranking on a “safety score” dependent on three factors: war and peace, personal security and natural disaster risk.

The Philippines, it said, was ranked as the most dangerous country to visit because it “has poor scores in peace, security and prevalence of natural disasters.”

Next to the Philippines, the following countries are ranked as the most dangerous places to be visited by tourists:

2. Yemen

3. Guatemala

4. El Salvador

5. Nigeria

6. Pakistan

7. Colombia

8. Bangladesh

9. Chad

10. Mali

Meanwhile, the following are the safest countries for travel next to Iceland:

2. Switzerland

3. Finland

4. Portugal

5. Austria

6. Norway

7. Qatar

8. Singapore

9. Denmark

10. New Zealand

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