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Jetsetter politiko cuts back on travel, no thanks to Duterte


From being a travel bug, a lady lawmaker (LL) has become cool to traveling abroad– but not because of financial or legal reasons.

LL has become embarrassed to leave the country because of the criticism she hears from her foreign friends and politikos about President Rodrigo Duterte.

More than once, LL’s travels– particularly to the United States and Europe– has been punctuated by encounters with immigration officers and foreign politikos who, upon knowing she comes from the Philippines, couldn’t help but remark: “Your President is crazy!”

While some can shrug off those comments easily, LL is bothered by them since she’s also a politiko. Any criticism on Duterte affects all elected officials by extension.

In lieu of traveling abroad, LL has settled on flying to scenic tourist destinations in the country.

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