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‘Jingle’ lang pahinga: Co-chair JV Ejercito couldn’t get a word edgeways in Senate hearing until Dick went on toilet break

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Being an equal will not save you from being reduced to mere spectators by the Olongapo motormouth, Senator Dick Gordon, when he holds court in a Senate hearing.

Sen. JV Ejercito, chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, was supposed to be Gordon’s chair in the Senate probe on the P3.5 billion worth of Dengavaxia dengue vaccine but he barely got a word in edgeways during Thursday’s hearing.

Ejercito managed to sneak a question to Aquino when Gordon had to excuse himself to go to the rest room. Gordon pushed off Ejercito to the sidelines when he came back.

Gordon was immune to the brickbats and insults from his colleagues and netizens as he declared anyone “can have his job” as chairman of Blue Ribbon Committee.

Gordon has long been criticized for not giving his fellow senators a chance to ask questions and resource speakers to explain their side in his committee hearings but he disagreed with these negative reactions noting that he has received more positive feedback on the way he has ran Senate probes.