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Joel can’t stand Dick: Villanueva walks out in protest of microphone hog Gordon


Senator Joel Villanueva “walked out” of the Senate hearing on dengue vaccine mess Thursday just an hour after the start of proceeding.

Villanueva felt alluded to when Sen. Richard Gordon, chair of the blue ribbon committee, urged his peers to keep silent during the the hearing.

Sen. JV Ejercito disclosed to reporters that Villanueva left in a huff from the hearing because he was made to wait too long before asking his question ‎as Gordon has monopolized the discussion with his monologue.

‎Villanueva confirmed that he was annoyed by Gordon’s snide remark but he explained that he left hurriedly because he had to the hospital where his mother was confined.

Other senators were also exasperated by Gordon’s tendency to dominate the hearing with his loquaciousness which has prevented both senators and witness from taking part in the hearings$

Minority Leader Franklin Drilon could not stand Gordon’s excessive talk he dared to ask if other senators could also be given a chance to ask questions to resource persons.

Drilon was later chastised by Gordon ‎after the Minority Leader berated lawyer Ferdinand Topacio, Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) general counsel, for attempting to put into their records his legal conclusions even though he was not a resource person.

“I’m the chairman,” Gordon told Drilon.

Even some members of the media, bored by Gordon’s excessive talking, were not spared by Gordon.

“If you will not stop talking there I will have you throw out of this office. I’m sorry this is a Senate investigation,” he said.

Gordon complained earlier on that some members of the media conversing with each other have been distracting him.

“I’m trying to concentrate here,” he said.

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