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John Oliver roasts Duterte’s kiss as ‘grotesque’, but gives props to Roque for ‘creative’ defense

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US TV comedian John Oliver, host of he hit satire show “Last Week Tonight”, has joined in on the bashing of President Rodrigo Duterte and his controversial kiss with a Pinay in South Korea.

Oliver called Duterte a “totalitarian strongman and a Street Fighter 2 character” and slammed the kiss as “grotesque” noting that Kim Bea, who works in Seoul and is married to a Korean, showed “discomfort” and reluctance to kiss the 73-year old leader.

“That kiss was so grotesque, the MTV movie awards retroactively nullified any best kiss winner with a press release saying ‘Given President Duterte’s recent actions, we can no longer condone kissing of any kind. Every kiss is now the worst kiss,” said Oliver.

But Oliver gave credit to Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque for defending the kiss as “an act of endearment toward Filipino workers.”

“It’s certainly a more creative justification of that sort of behavior than when you’re ‘a star they let you do it’,” quipped Oliver alluding to US President Donald Trump’s justification of bad behavior to women in a conversation with “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush.

Oliver also weighed in on Duterte’s personal excuse that the kiss with a stranger was just “showbiz.”

“Pure showbiz? Instinctively you would say that that’s a terrible excuse but given everything that we’ve learned about the entertainment industry, pure showbiz might be the perfect description of that kiss,” said Oliver with photos of alleged sex offenders Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and Kevin Spacey in the background.

Oliver, however, was not amused by how Presidential Legal Adviser Sal Panelo defended Duterte by noting that Kim as “tickled pink” by the President’s kiss.

“Please stop saying ‘tickled pink’ because he makes the act more disgusting,” said Oliver.