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Join the fight! Robredo urges aspiring abogados to protect rule of law, human rights

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Vice President Leni Robredo urged new law graduates to “be brave” and take part in fighting for the rule of law.

Speaking before the graduates of the Far Eastern University Institute of Law, the Vice President, a public interest lawyer, put her hope in the graduates, amid threats against people’s rights and the country’s democratic institutions.

“I wish to call on all of you today to honor our profession by refusing to stay safely hidden in the sidelines while our people fight for their rights and our democratic institutions fight for their survival,” she said at the commencement exercises held on Tuesday (June 5).

In her speech, Robredo noted how the rule of law and the protection of human rights “are now being set aside as an unnecessary bureaucracy and inconvenience.”

“I dream of a nation with institutions that are strong enough to protect rule of law, justice, and equality. But this requires everyone—most especially lawyers, who know the law intimately more than any member of society—to stand up and speak out,” she added. “It is in times such as these that the legal profession, which you all aspire to join, will be called upon to stand by the oaths we take that bright day we join its ranks. When the time comes, we must not default.”