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Jojo Binay: Makati City is not only for the privileged few

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Makati City is for all Filipinos and visitors, not just the privileged few, according to former Vice President Jojo Binay.

Binay tried to dispel perception that Makati was only for the rich as the city concludes its 10-day celebration of its 348th anniversary on Sunday.

“As the 10-day celebration if the Araw ng Makati draws to a close, let us be reminded that Makati is not only for the privileged few, but for everyone who lives, works, or whose heart beats for the city,” the former veep wrote on Facebook.

“Sa lahat ng Makatizens, para sa inyo po ang araw na ito. #Makati348 #MakatiMakisalo,” said Binay, a former mayor of Makati City.