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Jojo Binay’s biggest fear: Federalism may lead to secession

Former Vice President Jojo Binay is concerned that a proposed shift to federal government might lead to the dismemberment of the country.

In a Facebook post, Binay has raised concern that secessionist movenments could rise in some regions in Mindanao once they become economically strong and independent under a federalism set-up.

“Federalism fuels the fire of secessionism and weakens the nation and our sense of nationhood. It could lead to the dismemberment of our nation. That is my biggest fear,” he said, sharing his latest newspaper column.

“Once the anticipated economic benefits from federalism become tangible, what is to stop a movement similar to MIM (Mindanao Independence Movement) from gaining ground? What is there to prevent the regions in Mindanao from seceding?” he asked.

If such regions pursue secession despite a constitutional injunction, Binay asked if the federal government would be ready for war with regions that claim close ties with neighboring countries.

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