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Joke ba ‘yan? Carpio LOLs at Duterte’s dare for US to attack China

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Supreme Court (SC) Justice Antonio Carpio believes President Rodrigo Duterte was just joking when the latter asked the United States to attack China.

“I think the President is just joking, just like his jetski joke,” Carpio said on Friday (July 17).

Recently, Duterte called on the US military to attack China as he invoked the Mutual Defense Treaty between the Philippines and the US.

Duterte has been hounded by criticisms over his lack of action in protecting Philippine territorial waters against China.

“The President knows that the Philippines can invoke the Phil-US Mutual Defense Treaty only if there is an armed attack on Phillippine territory or Philippine military ships or aircraft. This has not happened,” Carpio explained.

“The Treaty operates only for self-defense, not for aggression against another state,” he stressed.

The magistrate also reminded that a war of aggression is “prohibited by the Philippine Constitution and the United Nations Charter.”

“A war of aggression makes leaders of the aggressor state liable for an international crime subject to the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court,” he stated.

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