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Joy Belmonte rushed to a hospital outside QC after intense abdominal pain

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Quezon City Mayor-elect Joy Belmonte recently had a medical emergency but chose to go to a hospital outside her hometown apparently to avoid special treatment.

Belmonte revealed on Facebook her hospital visit after complaining of abdominal pain early Thursday morning. She was eventually discharged from the hospital after doctors founding nothing wrong with her.

“I experience the most intense abdominal pain i have ever felt. In the dead of night, I rush to a hospital in another City to avoid being recognized and thereby treated differently,” she said.

“I was happy to note that every single individual in the ER that evening was given immediate attention by pleasant medical practitioners and staff,” she said.

She realized that being looked after by caring and compassionate health workers made a lot of difference.

“I was subsequently admitted, and discharged just last night. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me. Perhaps it was my body telling me to rest, which I did,” she said.

After her medical emergency, Belmonte returned to work Friday “with a grateful heart and an enlightened mind.”

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