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‘Justice will be served’: Bizman confident Ressa will be jailed over libel case

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The camp of businessman Wilfredo Keng on Saturday (June 13) expressed confidence he will win in his cyberlibel case against news website Rappler.

“We have faith that justice will be served,” said Keng’s counsel, lawyer Melissa Andaya, in a statement.

“The reputation of our client Wilfredo Keng will be vindicated,” she added.

The lawyer made the statement as a Manila court is set to promulgate this Monday (June 15) the case against Rappler executive Maria Ressa and her co-accused.

“We have shown that there is no evidence linking him to the drugs and murder allegations mentioned in the defamatory online article,” the lawyer stated.

The case stemmed from the complaint of Keng against the May 29, 2012 article published by Rappler and written by its former reporter Reynaldo Santos Jr. titled “CJ Using SUVs of Controversial Businessman”.

The article reported that then Chief Justice Renato Corona was found using a 2011 Chevrolet Subarban which was found registered to Keng. At that time Corona was facing an impeachment trial.

The article described the businessman as “shady” and has been involved in crimes.

“The case is about accountability and this should serve as a lesson that no one is above the law,” Andatya said.

“Everyone should be more judicious and circumspect before making accusations, especially when the reputation of a private individual is involved.” she advised.

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