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Kahit pinuntirya noong Presidente: Erap sad over ABS-CBN’s shutdown- report

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Former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada is reportedly sad over the House of Representatives’ decision to deny ABS-CBN’s franchise application even if the network had been critical of his administration, Philippine Star editor Marichu Villanueva said.

In her July 16 column, Villanueva said Estrada was saddened that ABS-CBN would reach fewer Filipinos since it cannot air on free television anytime soon.

“Speaking in behalf of his ‘Erap para sa masa,’ Mr. Estrada echoed their sadness, especially millions of Filipinos abroad whom he rued would no longer be able to watch ‘free’ Philippine movies aired by the ABS-CBN Filipino Channel,” she said.

While Villanueva didn’t say where Estrada made the statement, she said the former President already forgave ABS-CBN for its critical coverage of his presidency.

“Along with the Ayalas, the former president identified them also as ‘oligarchs’ allegedly behind his ouster from Malacanang in January 2001. During his shortened presidency, Mr. Estrada recalled his having stopped the ‘sovereign guarantee’ on the huge loans of these companies owned by the country’s ‘oligarchs’ that were passed on to the Philippine government,” she recalled.

Villanueva, however, said Estrada doesn’t have any love lost for the Lopezes, including his estranged son-in-law, Beaver Lopez.

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