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Kampihan na! Karen Davila sides with Gretchen Fullido in sexual harassment case involving Ces Drilon


A catfight is emerging in the sexual harassment controversy involving a number of former and current ABS-CBN news executives and showbiz reporter Gretchen Fullido.

On Sunday (October 7), Kapamilya broadcaster Karen Davila made her support for Fullido known in a tweet condemning sexual harassment and victim shaming.

“NO to SEXUAL HARASSMENT. NO to any form of VICTIM SHAMING. Without prejudice to any of my colleagues, these values are eternal to my person,” she said.

Davila’s tweets are seen as a clapback to the personalities charged by Fullido before the Quezon City Prosecutors’ Office: former ABS-CBN newsroom executive Cheryl Favila, news segment producer Maricar Asprec, newsroom executives Ces Oreña Drilon and Venancio Borromeo, as well as reporter Marie Lozano.

Fullido accused Favila and Asprec of sexual harassment for allegedly sending her suggestive text messages that amount to asking for sexual favors. They allegedly made her work at TV Patrol difficult when she refused their advances.

Meanwhile, Drilon, Borromeo and Lozano were charged with libel for the malicious remarks they supposedly made against Fullido in connection to the sexual harassment controversy.

In particular, the showbiz reporter singled out Drilon for allegedly engaging in victim shaming when she remarked that Fullido deserves to be harassed since she was willing to wear a bikini for TV Patrol.

Drilon has denied Fullido’s allegation.

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