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Kasosyo sa negosyo! Poe liable for graft over conflict of interest on ABS-CBN franchise- report

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Senator Grace Poe could be held liable for graft for unabashedly putting her conflict of interest on display by leading the Senate hearing on ABS-CBN’s franchise, former Cabinet Secretary Rigoberto Tiglao said.

Quoting lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles, Tiglao said in his February 28 column for the Manila Times that Poe violated the Constitution’s Article VI, Section 14, part of which states that, “No senator or member of the House of Representatives shall be directly or indirectly interested financially in any contract with, or in any franchise or special privilege granted by the government.”

Cruz-Angeles said Poe could be held criminally liable for graft over the blatant conflict of interest, Tiglao added.

“Poe certainly intervened in the process for a company seeking a franchise law. She called for a hearing of a committee she chaired that was a shameless propaganda shill for ABS-CBN,” he said.

Tiglao slammed Poe for lack of delicadeza since it was she who called for the hearing amid ABS-CBN’s franchise woes.

The hearing was conducted February 24 by the Senate committee on public services, which Poe chairs.

“Poe obviously doesn’t care about the notion of delicadeza. If she had an ounce of this value, she would have inhibited herself from any involvement in the Congress discussions and debates about ABS-CBN’s pending franchise application,” Tiglao said.

He said Poe had boasted about her family’s ties with ABS-CBN in the past, with the network getting exclusive rights to the movies featuring the senator’s father, the late action star Fernando Poe Jr.

Poe’s mother, Susan Roces, is also a mainstay on the hit ABS-CBN television series, “Ang Probinsyano.”

“If ABS-CBN closes down because it can’t get its franchise, Poe and her family would of course get nothing from that contract. Do the other senators who emotionally defended ABS-CBN at the hearing — several of them saying that they cannot imagine ABS-CBN being taken off the air — know this?” Tiglao asked.

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