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President Duterte has directed newly appointed presidential adviser on overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) Mamao Abdullah to immediately fly to Saudi Arabia to address the concerns of distressed workers affected by the job cut-off there.

Presidential legal adviser Salvador Panelo said the OFW issue is among the concerns tackled by the President during the cabinet meetin last Monday.

“Napag usapan pala yung problema ng mga overseas (workers). Sabi ni Presidente na yung human side kailangan na pabalikin yung gusto pabalikin, yung stranded tulungan agad immediately,” he said.

Many OFWs were retrenched by firms in Saudi due to the impact of the low prices of oil in the region.

Duterte has directed concerned agencies to handle the necessary arrangements, including the possible chartering of a plane to bring in the distressed OFWs.

Quoting the President, Panelo said it is better that the OFWs will be brought back home rather than feel ill or suffer hunger abroad.