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Kaya gusto ng hero’s burial! Duterte claims Calida related to Marcoses


Solicitor General Jose Calida is related to the Marcoses, President Rodrigo Duterte claimed Thursday (October 4).

In a speech before members of the Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association, Duterte said Calida is a cousin of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ mother, Josefa.

He said Calida’s blood ties to the Marcoses was the reason why he argued for a hero’s burial for the late dictator.

“Calida pinsan ni Josefa ‘yan Edralin Marcos. Siyempre ‘yung ayaw ipalibing, talagang nasasaktan,” Duterte said.

For his part, the President said he merely implemented the law by ordering that Marcos’ remains be transferred to the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

“It’s a soldier or and/or a president. On both counts, he might have been a lousy soldier or a good one, that is for history to find out. But definitely, Marcos was president and a soldier. So legally talagang ibibigay ko,” he said.