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Kaya in demand ang Pinoy! Duterte: China needs English teachers for US takeover

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China needs around 100,000 Filipino English teachers because it wants its citizens to learn the language of the superpower it’s about to conquer.

In a speech in Malacañang Wednesday (June 13), Duterte said China will need to take over the US because of the money it owes.

“On the other side of things, China is going to import many teachers beginning next year and they would need about almost, they say, so many thousands. So gusto nila mag-English. That is in preparation for the eventual takeover of the United States,” he said during the signing of the memorandum of agreement for free hugher education.

“Malaki ang utang nitong mga g*** na ito, ayaw magbayad eh. So they are all mortgaged and their souls… So they are preparing to talk in English so that they can communicate where the properties that’s going to ibigay sa kanila,” he added.

Duterte said he knows for a fact that Americans do not pay their debts, though he did not elaborate.

Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III has said that Filipinos teaching English in China could earn as much as P80,000 monthly (US$1,500).

China will start accepting English teachers from the Philippines next year.