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Kaya pa ba niya? Lawmaker wants Licuanan to resign over health reasons

Kaya pa ba niya? Lawmaker wants Licuanan to resign over health reasons

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A lawmaker has called for the resignation of Commission on Higher Education (CHED) chairperson Patricia Licuanan over concerns about her health.

Iligan City Rep. Frederick Siao on Sunday (January 7) disclosed that Licuanan is suffering from vertigo.

While Siao said he is hoping Licuanan takes care of herself, he added: “If, however, Dr. Licuanan’s health makes her unable to run the CHED well in the months ahead, then my suggestion is the honorable exit which is for her to resign.”

The lawmaker said that while Licuanan has shown documents from Malacañang proving she sought President Rodrigo Duterte’s authority for her overseas trips, it was not prudent for her to travel excessively considering the delays in the release of stipends of over 9,500 K to 12 transition scholars.

“CHED is not lacking in people with intellect and matching advanced academic credentials and work experience, but I can not longer accept the excuse that they we unable to anticipate the volume of work that 11,000 sets of documents,” he said.

Siao said CHED has “demeaned” the college faculty who are covered by the scholarship by failing to release their allowance.

“They could have hired additional personnel to deal with all those 11,000 sets of documents. They could have designated a dedicate lane or process for the K to 12 Transition program. They could have done many other measures,” he said.

Documents shared by Licuanan showed she made eight foreign trips abroad in 2017. These were to Germany, France, Thailand, United States, Singapore, Taiwan and Canada.