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Kaya pala expert! Poll fraud accuser Glenn Chong linked to 2013 ballot theft scandal before working for Bongbong


It’s hard to believe former Biliran Rep. Glenn Chong’s claim about irregularities in the 2016 elections considering his alleged involvement in the 2013 ballot theft scandal which was purportedly hatched to discredit the poll results.

Chong was accused by a former employee of ex-Tarlac Rep. Margarita “Tingting” Cojuangco of tampering with the ballots in Baguio City to discredit the 2013 elections by making it appear that there was massive electoral fraud.

Cojuangco ran for senator in 2013 but lost.

In a sworn affidavit executed before the Commission on Election’s law department, Worthy Acosta said he was ordered by Cojuangco to travel to Baguio upon Chong’s suggestion to retrieve ballots “which they were sure would prove election fraud.”

After retrieving the ballots, Acosta said Chong gave specific instructions for him to tamper with the votes for Cojuangco.

Upon returning to Manila, Acosta said he turned over the custody of the official ballots to Chong and Cojuangco.

He said they also made propaganda materials using the ballots from Baguio City “and presented the same to the public as evidence of poll fraud.”

While the 2013 ballot theft scandal appears to be forgotten, Chong’s interest in election matters did not fade.

During the Senate Committee on Electoral Reforms hearing on July 31, Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon showed two letters from former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos’ camp proving that Chong is his representative.

In the letters sent to Comelec Commissioner Christian Robert Lim on January 12, 2017 and March 15, 2017, Marcos’ legal counsel George Garcia said Chong was authorized to represent the former senator’s camp during the decryption of the Secure Digital (SD) Cards during the poll body’s briefing.

Garcia also authorized Chong to represent Marcos’ camp in the stripping of Consolidation/Canvassing System kits and unused SD cards.

The letters contradicted Chong’s claim he was merely nominated by Marcos since it was clear that Garcia authorized him to be the former senator’s “regular and alternate representative” for particular activities related to the ongoing electoral protest in the vice presidential race.

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