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Iglesia Ni Cristo has 1.7M voters, 77% bloc voting power – SWS


Since the Marcos years, the Iglesia Ni Cristo’s bloc voting power has been the stuff of urban legend.

The religious sect’s endorsement has been highly sought as its millions of members have been known to make or unmake a politiko’s dream of barging into Malacanang.

This explains why most politikos have openly expressed support for the INC’s “Occupy Edsa” rally while braving the collective angst of Netizens.

But how big is the INC vote? And do they really vote as one?

Social Weather Stations (SWS) chief Mahar Mangahas said data from the 2010 elections showed that INC accounted for 4.25 percent or 1.53 million of the roughly 36 million votes cast for president and vice president.

Mangahas estimated that the INC voters would number around 1.7 million by 2016. ‎”I think that the claim of 2.0 million INC votes for 2016 is an overstatement,” said Mangahas in his Inquirer column.

In the 2010 elections, Mangahas said the SWS exit poll showed that 77 percent of INCs voted for Noynoy Aquino who was endorsed by Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo compared to 12 percent for second-placer and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada.

In the race for VP, Manalo picked Mar Roxas over Jejomar Binay and 74 percent of INC voters voted for Aquino’s running mate.

” The 77 percent is the extent of unity of the INC vote—not 100 percent, but quite a lot‎,” said Mangahas.
Mangahas said the INC vote was not enough to propel Roxas over Binay who won the Catholic vote over Roxas.‎ (Catholics account for 75 percent of the voters)
” Interestingly, the INC is now being courted by Binay, and not by Roxas,” said Mangahas.

Will the INC remain as solid in their bloc voting in 2016 in the face of a corruption and crime scandal gripping it’s highest leadership? ‎Abangan.

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