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Keep calm and carry on: Upsilon appeals for sobriety amid leak of brods’ discriminatory remarks


A fraternity based in the University of the Philippines has appealed for sobriety following the online leak of discriminatory conversations supposedly had by its members.

In a statement, the Upsilon Sigma Phi fraternity said it is already conducting an investigation about the viral conversations and will cooperate with the university administration on the matter.

Upsilon said it empathizes with those who were affected by the conversations even as it condemned discrimination.

“We sincerely empathize with everyone affected by the postings. This is why, during the conduct of the investigation, we appeal for sobriety. We wish not to further aggravate any harm that may have been caused by the postings,” it said.

Screenshots of Upsilon members’ alleged conversations started making the rounds online starting November 20. They became viral due to the offensive statements they contained.

Some of the supposed conversations involved fraternity members planning a staged hit on the members of an LGBTQ organization in UP Diliman so they can be the saviors. There was also a comment that lumads deserved to be shot.

Upsilon said it was “unfortunate” that the supposed conversations of its members were leaked at the heels of its 100th anniversary.

“It appears that there is a concerted effort to besmirch the reputation of our Fraternity during this momentous celebration,” the fraternity said.