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Kiko, Koko agree: Ordinary Filipinos can be heroes too


Senators Koko Pimentel and Kiko Pangilinan on Monday said every Filipino, no matter his social standing, can be hero in his or her own little way.

They made the remark as the nation commemorated National Heroes Day.

“We commemorate National Heroes Day recognizing the sacrifices of Rizal, Bonifacio and all those long gone who gave us the freedoms and liberties we enjoy today,” he said.

Equally important is the need to celebrate heroism in its “smaller everyday forms,” Pimentel said.

The office worker, local entrepreneur, teacher, artist or OFW (overseas Filipino worker) who toils hard to earn a decent living for one’s family while also assisting others “is no less a hero as a soldier who dies for flag and country,” he stressed.

Being a diligent student, a dependable parent or a law-abiding citizen requires equal parts nobility of character and determination to achieve either a personal or collective goal, which are no less heroic acts, he added.

“We should honor heroism every day because the Filipino performs heroic feats, big and small, every day,” Pimentel said.

Pangilinan said Filipino heroes are those who sacrifice a lot for their families.

“Araw-araw, pipila ng isang oras sa MRT (Metro Rail Transit), papasok sa trabaho, magbubuno, magpapawis. Pipila ulit ng isang oras o kaya ay tatayo sa bus para makauwi,” he said.

“Bawat piso tinitipid. Yung konting panahon na hindi kinakain ng trabaho o naaksaya sa trapik, ipinapahinga na lang sa labas ng tindahan sa kanto,” the opposition senator said.

Pangilinan added, “Pero hindi sumusuko. Tuloy lang ang laban ng buhay. Papasalamat sa padala ng kapatid na nasa abroad. Papasalamat sa dagdag-badyet ng asawang tumatanggap ng labada.”

“Yan ang Pilipino. Masipag. Madiskarte. Palaban. Hindi sumusuko. Yan ang tunay na bayani,” Pangilinan stressed.

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