Kilalang-kilala na! Here’s why Roque is so good at speaking for Duterte

Kilalang-kilala na! Here’s why Roque is so good at speaking for Duterte

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Harry Roque may only be serving as President Rodrigo Duterte’s spokesperson for barely a year, but he’s proving to be adept at spinning even the most outrageous of his boss’ statements into something positive for him and the administration.

In an interview with the United States-based website Politico, Roque revealed why he’s so good at speaking for Duterte. The secret lies in his background as an abogado.

“You have to remember, the president … before becoming a politician, was a public prosecutor himself who was prosecuting cases of murder,” he said. “And I was raised myself by a public prosecutor. I guess that’s why I understand how his mind works.”

Roque said he also finds the weekly sit-down meeting with Duterte once a week useful.

“No sucking up, no nonsense, just to make sure I’m in sync with what’s in his mind,” he said.

It’s also to Duterte’s benefit that Roque is a media-savvy spokesperson, having represented controversial clients when he was a human rights lawyer.

“I’ve been in media law for the longest time,” he said. “I defended media … I know my media freedom.”

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