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Kris Aquino appeals: Give Noy the respect and kindness he deserves

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Film and television star Kris Aquino came to the defense of former President Noynoy Aquino, asking the public to be kind and to respect her brother who recently underwent a medical checkup.

Kris, in an Instagram post, also dispelled speculations that her brother’s recent hospitalization was a ploy to go abroad for treatment.

“”News has circulated about my brother’s health & current hospitalization. He chooses to live his life privately and that has its advantages, but can also open him up to some unnecessary speculation. I am not at liberty to speak for my brother, but as the mother of his text mate, josh, someone who loves his Tito Noy, with his whole heart- I hope we can all give him the respect & kindness our fellow man deserves,” she said.

“So please stop showing the world na puro fake news ang alam nyo by making this out to be a ploy about Noy wanting to leave the Philippines for treatment because for more than 3 months he could have easily traveled abroad, he chose not to because there’s nowhere else he’d rather be than home,” she added.

Screengrab from Instagram: @krisaquino

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