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Kung ‘di makuha sa pakiusapan: Duterte ready to ‘break open’ rice hoarders’ warehouses


President Rodrigo Duterte will not hesitate to use the police to force open the warehouses of rice traders if they will continue holding on to their stocks to drive prices up.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said Duterte made the threat to rice hoarders during the Cabinet meeting Monday (August 6).

“Kilala ng Presidente kung sino kayo. And this time around, he made it very clear. He will not hesitate to break open their warehouses. Sue him, but he will break open the warehouses if it becomes an issue of national security,” Roque said in a press briefing Tuesday (August 7).

In his State of the Nation Address, Duterte warned rice cartels to “stop messing with the people” by keeping supply in storage to raise prices.

“Power sometimes is not a good thing. But I hope I will not have to use it against you,” he said.

“Consider yourselves warned. Mend your ways now or the full force of the State shall be brought to bear upon you,” Duterte added.