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By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte said Monday evening he is willing to step down if Atty. Ely Pamatong can stop the continued spread of the new coronavirus.

In a televised public briefing, Duterte invited Pamatong, the self-proclaimed President of the Philippines, to Malacañang to discuss the health crisis.

“Sabi niya… he will solve the problem in three weeks. Sabi niya, ang military kailangan arestuhin [ako] because [he is] ready to solve the pandemic that has struck the entire planet Earth and he will solve the problem,” according to the President.

“Kung ganun, tama, I agree. Punta siya dito mag-usap kami. Kung ang solusyon niya okay, then sabihin mo sa military tama si Pamatong, alis na ako,” he also said.

In a Facebook post dated April 4, Pamatong cited an “unconfirmed report” that Duterte “had some kind of an attack, maybe a heart attack, I don’t know, coronavirus attack.”

He went on to say that, “My feeling is because of how he looks because of his countenance, he could either be dying or dead. Should he die, I would like to tell you, especially the military, that I will take over as the incumbent, the full-fledged President of the Philippines. I will immediately proceed to Malacañang and I’m asking the Armed Forces to protect me and follow me as their commander-in-chief.”

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