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Kung si Erap ‘weather-weather lang’: Lucio Tan is ‘all-weather,’ JV Ejercito says

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Senator JV Ejercito has thrown a subtle shade at tobacco and airline tycoon Lucio Tan for supposedly managing to weather all storms in his lucrative business.

“Lucio Tan can be compared to an all- weather golf course. Kahit anong panahon pasok,” tweeted Ejercito, whose father Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada was known for the words “weather-weather lang” about enduring the ups and downs in life.

The Filipino-Chinese magnate has managed to settle a feud with the President after offering free plane rides to distressed Filipino workers in Kuwait. The President has promised to “shut up forever” about Tan’s tax liabilities after expressing gratitude for his assistance to the Filipino workers.

Duterte previously threatened to shut down NAIA Terminal 2, which PAL uses exclusively for its flights, if the flag carrier did not settle its unpaid navigational fees. PAL eventually settled P6 billion in debts to the government.

He earlier claimed that the business tycoon has P30 billion in unpaid taxes.