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Lacson defends Locsin over outburst: He can’t be popish than Pope Francis

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If Pope Francis lost his cool with a pilgrim, everyone else has their flare moments too. 

Senator Panfilo Lacson issued the statement to defend Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. after he recently angrily confronted a group of protesters outside his office. 

“Everybody has their ‘flare’ moments. Teddy Boy cannot be popish than Pope Francis (after someone grabbed his arm),” Lacson tweeted. 
The senator also offered a “health tip” for fake news purveyors, saying they should try jogging or brisk walking instead.

“The worst exercise is flapping one’s lips as a way of life which most fake news purveyors do. It dehydrates and aches the throat. They should change their routine and start something else like jogging or brisk walking,” he tweeted.

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