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Lagot na! DND chief abogado says no minutes of amnesty applications deliberations


By Xave Gregorio

(SECOND UPDATE, 12:51 p.m.) — The Department of National Defense (DND) chief legal counsel told the Makati Regional Trial Court Branch 148 that they have no records of any deliberations on amnesty applications pursuant to Proclamation No. 75, which granted amnesty to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and other mutineers.

“There are no records or any documents pertaining to proceedings, deliberations, minutes in the amnesty application pursuant to Proclamation No. 75,” DND chief legal adviser Atty. Norman Daanoy said Friday (October 5).

Asked by Trillanes abogado Rey Robles if this also pertains to the 276 other amnesty applicants, Daanoy said, “Yes.”

However, Department of Justice Acting Prosecutor General Richard Fadullon insisted that Daanoy’s certification only pertained to Trillanes.

Daanoy said he searched for a copy of the minutes of the deliberations regarding the amnesty applications from the offices of the Secretary of National Defense, the undersecretary of defense policy and the assistant secretary for personnel, but found nothing.

Robles later pointed out that Daanoy may have been “less than exhaustive” in his search, to which the latter replied, “I limited only my search and inquiry in the Department of National Defense proper.”

Robles also said that Daanoy did not search for the minutes of the meeting from the secretariat established for amnesty applications related to the Oakwood Mutiny, the Marines Stand-off and the Manila Peninsula siege.

Trillanes’ supposedly missing application form is one of the bases cited in President Rodrigo Duterte’s voiding of his amnesty through Proclamation No. 572.

Duterte came to this conclusion based on the certification of Lieutenant Colonel Thea Andrade, the former head of secretariat of the DND ad hoc panel which screened amnesty applications, that Trillanes’ amnesty application form could not be found.

However, Andrade told the court that her certification did not say that Trillanes never filed for amnesty.

Trillanes was granted amnesty by Aquino in 2011 for his participation in two failed mutinies against former President, now Speaker, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

This was voided by Duterte, saying Trillanes failed to apply for amnesty and did not admit his guilt in the mutinies.

Trillanes’ camp has debunked these claims by presenting media reports, documents and testimonies from two former members of the DND ad hoc panel.