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This former city mayor (CM) is the talk of the town at the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine facility in Muntinlupa.

Doctors, nurses, and staff at RITM were surprised how this arrogant politiko was able to join other VIPs and celebrities in jumping the long line of Filipinos desperate to get tested for the scarce COVID-19 test kit.

CM stumbled miserably in his bid to return to power in the last elections and has lost his shine way before that debacle. But he showed he could still throw his hefty weight around to get special government favors like the virus tests.

CM apparently still has got some major pull in the government because he even brought his entire clan to have themselves tested for the virus.

RITM people noted that CM and his clan members could not even be classified as persons under investigation or persons under monitoring but they could not do anything but do the tests even if there were thousands of other Filipinos who need the tests more. Only PUIs with mild symptoms who were elderly, with underlying condition, and immunocompromised or admitted in severe condition could be eligible for tests.

“Nobody from the laboratory could claim because they didn’t want the testing facility and their bosses to get the heat,” a source from RITM said.

Test results of CM and his clan were released Friday and up to now, RITM staff could not stop talking about the thickness of their files.

Due to the controversy on the VIP abuse of test kits, the Department of Health was forced to clarify that it has no policy for VIP treatment for patients who were treated on a first-in, first-out basis, albeit with “courtesy to officials holding positions of national security and public health.”

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