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Law is law di ba? Twitterverse denounces Remulla for disrespecting national anthem

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Twitterverse is not happy with House Deputy Speaker Jesus Crispin Remulla for disrespecting the national anthem.

Some netizens have slammed Remulla for supposedly violating the country’s flag law while others sought accountability for his action.

Remulla was seen jotting down notes while other lawmakers present at the session hall stood with their right hand over their chest while “Lupang Hinirang” was played.

Former Quezon Rep. Erin Tañada took a swipe at Remulla for failing to respect the Philippine flag and the national anthem.

“Cong Boying, there is no one to blame but yourself. Don’t point your finger at anyone because it will not erase the fact that you did not respect our Flag and National Anthem,” he tweeted.

Other Twitter users deplored the “selective justice” in dealing with Remulla while some demanded the lawmaker’s arrest.

“Selective justice tayo dito sa Pilipinas di ba? Therefore, we cannot expect Remulla to be given a punishment even though it is clear that there is a violation against Republic Act No. 8491,” @myoppakorea tweeted.

“Republic Act No. 8491. ironic how a public servant disrespected the national anthem like that. kung yung mga nanood sa sine noon, inaresto, then Remulla should be penalized too. law is law diba?,” @freyakeena tweeted.

@keifrsviolin commented: “no matter how many times we use republic act no. 8491 against him or any ra/law against go any officials, we all know they wouldn’t end up behind bars.”

“@pnppio Show impartiality. Arrest and prosecute Boying Remulla for disrespecting the flag! The country has had enough of double-standards! 🇵🇭,” @gmh_usa tweeted.

“the justice system in the philippines is f*cked up!! they ask for compassion and understanding when its the rich and powerful who broke the law but when its the poor they will arrest them even without a warrant 🤨 Republic Act No. 8491,” @itzygfs said.

@eurikadilagan tweeted: “Law is law pero kung may posisyon ka parang wala lang yung batas. 🙄.”

“pag sa abs at sa ordinaryong mamamayan katwiran nila law is law. pero pag sila mismo ang lumabag SORRY lang okay na???? sobrang unfair!,” @jorogu_25 commented.

“really?! coming from a PUBLIC SERVANT. Jeez, “public servant” doesn’t suit you ‘coz u’r lack of being a Nationalistic. Law is Law, arrest Remulla for violating the law. Enough with the compassion. Kapag nakalusot pa ‘to, ewan ko nalang talaga,” @mjoreee said.

Remulla has already apologized for his ignoring the national anthem.

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