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Leandro Coronel: Roxas committed a mortal sin in media encounters


Leandro Coronel: Now Roxas has thrown a monkey wrench in the status quo. His statement puts in doubt what the President has been saying all along, that he’s not interested in prolonging his stay in office. It puts in question Mr. Aquino’s sincerity about leaving office at the appointed time. It gives impetus to people thinking that there’s something afoot to extend Aquino term. Manila Bulletin

Leandro Coronel: There’s a reason why politicians have minders and handlers. This is why they have talking points during media encounters and Q&A index cards so they know what to say to interviewers. This is why going off message is fraught with danger. This is when politicians’ aides cringe when their clients ad lib. This is how media consultants grow gray hair. Manila Bulletin 

Leandro Coronel: Roxas committed a mortal sin in media encounters: Never ad lib, stick to the message. Manila Bulletin 

Leandro Coronel: Wonder how upset Mr. Aquino is now with Roxas. With blunders like that, no wonder people are floating hints that Aquino may be having second thoughts about endorsing Roxas in 2016 and is moving toward endorsing someone else instead. Blunders like this by Roxas may make what is hitherto improbable not only possible but sure. Manila Bulletin 

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