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Leave jeepneys alone! Locsin proposes ban on cars priced over P1.2M instead

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Jeepney drivers and operators have found an ally in Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. who has opposed the phase-out of the country’s transport icon.

Locsin said authorities should give the jeepney drivers a break and instead consider a ban on cars worth P1.2 million on the road.

“Jeepneys have worked since the end of World War 2 and have given us our only attractive and credible icon which shows that Yes, the poor Filipino can make do when he’s given nothing to work with. Please honor him. Now Snow Queen lookalike plastic jeepneys. Beg Sarao to help,” he tweeted.

“Just leave them alone; they help ordinary folk and hurt nobody and get paid peanuts. Ban all cars priced at over P1.2M. All even official cars. Let’s all walk to work. We eat enough for the exercise it will take. Give ordinary folk a break,” he added.

Transport groups recently launched a nationwide strike to protest the government’s modernization program, that will remove old jeepneys on the road. The dilapidated jeepneys will be replaced by modern environment-friendly PUVs. Loan facilities will reportedly be offered to help drivers and operators with the transition.

Locsin however no one should mess with the livelihoods of poor people “unless you first make them rich people.”

The DFA chief is also not pleased with the design of the new eco-friendly PUVthat will replace the iconic jeepney.

“Nobody should be interested in new ideas at the expense of poor people. They’re baduy anyway. You want design? Go to Milan not Manila,” he said.

“I hate rolling plastic Snow Queens. Somebody is making a killing here when the only one who should be killed is that somebody. Sioki design. Forget new talent, it doesn’t exist. Go for traditional look,” he said.

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