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‘Leni’s Yolocaust’: Robredo under fire for Holocaust Memorial photo


Vice President Leni Robredo is drawing flak for an alleged disrespectful photograph taken at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, Germany.

In a photograph shared by Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson on Facebook, Robredo and his posse of politiko allies were seen in a lighthearted pose at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

The same photograph of the Robredo’s Eleven was shared by President Duterte’s supporters blogger Sass Rogando Sassot and Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles on Facebook.

“Dear VP Leni Robredo and company: You should have been aware of Yolocaust, the provocative work of Shahak Shapira an Israeli German who juxtaposed selfies at the Holocaust memorial and actual pictures of the horrors of the Holocaust,” Sass said in a Facebook post.

Mocha also wondered why the mainstream media has not yet picked up the story about the Vice President’s alleged disrespectful stint abroad. “Ni isang MEDIA walang nagtanong o nag-confirm o nagbalita man lang? Totoo man o hindi ito sana man lang ay na-research ito ng MEDIA ngunit NGA NGA ang MEDIA,” she said.

Trixie wrote: “Why is it important that the VP show the appropriate respect for the Holocaust memorial? Because she is the Vice president (at least for now) and all that it implies. Yes, even when not on official trip.”

The Berlin memorial, inaugurated in 2005, was a reminder of the Jewish Holocaust during World War II where some six million Jews were killed.


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