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Lesson learned: Heinous crimes convicts can’t be freed under new GCTA rules


Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra and Interior Secretary Eduardo Ano on Monday (Sept. 16) signed the revised implementing rules and regulations (IRR) which spelled out that recidivists , habitual delinquents, escapists and those charged with heinous crimes of the good conduct are excluded from the good conduct time allowance (GCTA) law.

“We can safely say that this revised IRR shall be implemented and make sure that deserving PDLs (persons deprived of liberty) shall be given the GCTA and those who are not qualified shall not given such privilege,” Ano told reporters.

Since it identified convicts of heinous crimes among those excluded, Guevarra said the IRR also defined what are considered heinous crimes based on existing jurisprudence and the repealed Death Penalty Law.

“We defined in the revised IRR the meaning of heinous crimes,” Guevarra stated.

The revised IRR governs Republic Act 10592 which was enacted in 2013 and granted more GCTAs to inmates to allow their earlier release from prison.

The revised IRR also indicated that disqualified inmates who were convicted prior the effectivity of RA 10592 “lower time allowances under the RPC will continue to accrue.”

“Congress is in the process of making or processing amendments to the GCTA law so that all the gaps will be filled and any ambiguities that have been recently discovered could be clarified,” Guevarra noted.

“In the meantime Congress is doing precisely that, we are constrained with what we have right now, meaning the textual provision of the existing law, and we have taken upon ourselves to revise the implementing rules and regulations,” he stated.

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