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Locsin: Birth certificate expires only when you die


Birth certificates should not have any expiry date as demanded by some entities to Filipinos, according to Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. 

Locsin made the statement after receiving a deluge of complaints from netizens about the one-year validity of the birth document in transactions such as visa application in foreign embassies. 

“Your birth certificate cannot expire. Born kana. Mga putangina yan. Expiry date my ass,” he tweeted. 

While he commiserated with the complainants, Locsin admitted the issue was beyond his authority. 

“We talked about there being no expiry dates but rumor is spread so people comply. This—unlike insulting my way to removing birth certificate for passport renewals—is beyond my authority. Not an excuse; just a fact,” he said.

“How does one’s birth expire? I thought only when you die. Shet,” he added.

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