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Locsin calls for donations to rebuild Notre Dame cathedral: It’s a heritage of mankind

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Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. has called on the public to donate funds for the rebuilding of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France after a huge fire destroyed parts of the historic landmark.

Locsin pushed for international solidarity as he described the iconic cathedral as a “heritage of all mankind.”

“We should donate. Notre Dame is a heritage of mankind and so far as I know we are part of mankind. Now al Qaeda are something else; why they destroyed with art illery the Buddhas carved out of a mountainside,” he tweeted.

“‘Restauration” Notre Dame is a heritage of all mankind. I encourage donations from our end,” he said in another tweet.

He said crowd-funding will work if China’s tourism spearheads. “A friend in China raised money for his dad’s medical bill that way. No scams; fake appeals get capital punishment in China,” he added.

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