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Locsin calls Nikkei ‘rude’ for telling Duterte to stop talking: Heads of state ain’t got a time limit

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Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro “Teddyboy” Locsin believes it was rude for the Japanese economic organization Nikkei to tell President Rodrigo Duterte to cut his speech short.

In a tweet posted Sunday (June 2), Locsin said heads of state should be allowed to speak for as long as they wished.

The outspoken Foreign Affairs chief made the remark after feminist Elizabeth Angsioco said she was “embarrassed” on the Philippines’ behalf that Duterte was asked to end his speech at Nikkei’s 25th International Conference on the Future of Asia in Tokyo, Japan.

To this, Locsin replied: “Then you’d have to be embarrassed for the planet’s UN representaives because only I unfailingly kept well within 3 minute deadline on the weightiest most complex problems. And heads of states have no time limit. That was a rudeness on the part of Nikkei.”

Duterte was unable to finish his prepared speech because he went off script twice to discuss the maritime dispute in the South China Sea and his assurance that the Philippines is an ideal country for investors.

After being handed a note by one of the forum’s organizers, Duterte said he had to end his speech because of his scheduled meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

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