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Locsin clueless about ‘Captain America’ actor: ‘Who’s Chris Evans?’

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Who doesn’t know Chris Evans of the Avengers fame? One of the President’s Cabinet members apparently is clueless about the actor.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddyboy Locsin candidly asked on Twitter who Evans is and got schooled by netizens about the actor who played Captain America.

“Who’s Chris Evans?” Locsin tweeted. The Cabinet member inquired about Evans after a @mrsunlawyer appealed to people to respect Evan’s privacy and not share his nude photo.

Several netizens immediately posted photos of Evans portraying Captain America on Locsin’s Twitter feed for his enlightenment. ocsin then realized that Evans is the actor behind the famous Marvel superhero.

“Whaaaat? I always wanted to be…. I cannot think of him except behind Da Shield!!!” he tweeted.

Evans made a social media blunder last weekend when he accidentally posted an unidentified nude photo on his Instagram stories.

The actor had shared a short video playing a trivia game with some friends. Towards the end of the video, his phone camera roll came up and showed a photo of a penis.
Another photo showed Evans’ face with the text that read: “Guard that p***y.”

The clip has been deleted but Evans became one of the trending topics on Twitter due to the faux pas. He has not commented on the matter.

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