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Presidential spokesman Harry Roque is getting some support from a fellow Cabinet member after receiving anger and hatred on social media.

Roque has drawn online bashing in recent days after he attended a Cebu gathering that supposedly skirted the government’s strict distancing rule against the COVID outbreak. Roque, the spokesman of the task force handling the pandemic response who repeatedly reminded the public to observe ‘Mask, Hugas, Iwas,” was taken to task for the alleged quarantine violation during his recent travel.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. came to Roque’s rescue, defending the President’s spokesman from bashers. Locsin advised the Cabinet official to just ignore the “losers” criticizing him.

“I wish I had his stamina and inventiveness. Go Harry, don’t let the losers put you down,” Locsin tweeted.

Roque has denied violating quarantine rules when he traveled to Cebu for an airport opening ceremony last week. He said followed health measures and encouraged the crowd to observe physical distancing during the event.

A few days later, Roque lashed out at the Philippine Daily Inquirer and ABS-CBN network over alleged unfair treatment of his attendance at the Cebu gathering. While he was heavily criticized for his action, Roque resented that some media outfits ignored the alleged quarantine violation committed by Vice President Leni Robredo in a provincial trip.

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