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Locsin says ex-Human Rights Watch exec welcome in PH: He can stay at drug rehab facility!

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Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro “Teddyboy” Locsin Jr. sees no problem with having former Human Rights Watch’s Asia division director Phelime Kine fly to the Philippines– as long as he stays in a drug rehabilitation facility.

Locsin slammed Kine anew Tuesday (November 12) after the human rights advocate said he was ready to visit the Philippines and advise Vice President Leni Robredo on “how to end this murderous ‘drug war.’”

“Dear VP @lenirobredo – my bags are packed and I’m ready to come to the #Philippines to help advise how to end this murderous “drug war.” Meanwhile here is my Recommendation No. 1: Arrest #Duterte and his henchmen for inciting & instigating mass murder,” Kine, now the director of research and investigations at Physicians for Human Rights, tweeted.

Locsin said Kine’s tweet showed a “clear case of addiction and insufficient supply.”

“He’s welcome to come as a patient. China donated a huge rehab; I’m sure there’s room. But can he take the long flight? Can the passengers take him in that condition? Sounds like a guy desperate to earn his keep from the cartel,” he tweeted.

Locsin earlier said Kine is barred from entering the country since he is part of Robredo’s “retarded retinue.”

Robredo, the co-chairperson of the Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs (ICAD), has said she is ready to work with foreign entities to improve the government’s drug war strategy.

“Her retarded retinue. Don’t worry; he can’t get into the country. We have to spare Leni the moral moronism of those who use her,” Locsin tweeted.

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